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    • That the car it was clean 4
    • Car 3
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    • Invisible customer service 13
    • No recourse to solve a problem 9
    • Worst customer service ever 9

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Advantage Rent A Car - UNSAFE vehicle and crappy customer service
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Not worth the savings. We had an extremely unsafe vehicle!! The exterior of our car was dinged and beat up but the inside was clean. After having the car 4-5 days and noticing an increasing pull to the left, on day 7 the "low tire air" sensor light came on. We added air but were forced to change the tire the next morning when it was low again. Upon removing the tire, it was IMMEDIATELY evident that the tire was a shred away from blowing out!! Then entire circumference of the inside edge of the tire was shredded with steel belts and cords... Read more

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WOW. Never had such atrocious customer service! NEVER RENT FROM THEM. NO HELP FROM HEADQUARTERS EITHER! First, if you have a problem, You can't reach them. Had a flat tire, riding the donut, they wouldn't pick up the phone. Also left cell phone in car, realized it immediately but would have missed my plane going back to location, they wouldn't pick up the phone! Had to have HQ reach out to them - no luck there, either. Finally spoke to Rhonda at LAX location. Did look for phone until next day since they had no idea what lot it was in or what... Read more

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I had such a bad experience with advantage car rental. They are so rude even to respond to normal queries . They will charge you unreasonably and you will only know later that it has gone from ur card ! I cannot give any stars for this bad rental service ! Add comment

My rental record number: MCO-208499, rental from 6 April until 30 April. I now have the 6th car: first at the airport it was not possible to find a clean car, all cars dirty outside and stained and messy inside. After 1 hour I left with number 5, a fairly decent Prius with all kind of damage outside?? This car I hade to return on 19 April because the Prius needed maintenance and I swapped it for a full size Kia Optima and again dirty inside, stains all over, smelly, terrible to have to drive around Florida with this!! I will be happy to return... Read more

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We rented a car in Fort Meyers for three weeks and we had a good experience as we have had before with them, EXCEPT that, even though I had verbally declined the CDW coverage, I was asked to initial a contract (presented piecemeal and rapidly on an LCD screen) showing I had accepted it. Admittedly I should have read what I was presented carefully, but having already declined coverage and having not gotten it before when we rented there, I carelessly initialed the LCD screen I was presented and was charged an additional $525. Advantage claimed... Read more

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I rented a car through for a car from Advantage rent a car in Maui. The price was $756.52. I signed and initialed in three places to decline the additional insurance. I have the coverage on my Visa and on my Government Insurance Roadstar Package in British Columbia, Canada. The agent still put it through on my visa card for a total bill of $1403.07 Canadian..If this is an honest mistake I would like my money returned to my credit card. If this is a common deceit by one agent (Louie I think) then he should also be charged and... Read more

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First off they gave away my rental, told me I only had an hour from the reserved time and I was an hour, they then told me I had to upgrade because they had nothing left from the class I asked for. I said I shouldn't have to pay it they then told me go somewhere else if you don't like it. So I took the rental as it was already a long day for my family to travel. Got to Terminal B and turns out the rental was in Terminal A. They gave me a different rental. Turned out there was an issue with the tire being extremely bald, I called and they... Read more

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I feel scalped by this company. 1. Wanted to pick up at another location that was mistakenly not listed on contract: denied unless contract was renegotiated at a much higher price. 2. Hired public transport to go two hours to second Advantage location. 3. Pressured into "add ins. 4. Mysterious additional $68.00 billed to credit card after drop off. I'm enraged Add comment

I reserved a car for my arrival on vacation in Albuquerque, New Mexico in early April of 2016; got periodic updates from Advantage about my reservation. When I got there, they said the government had come to town and they gave them my reserved car, I called the next day to complain and was told the city manager would call me and that it was spring break not the the government that caused the problem. That call never happened. I arrived late at night and had to take a taxi. Would NEVER suggest anyone use Advantage. I went with Enterprise which... Read more

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These people are nothing but fraudsters scammers and criminals. DO NOT RENT A CAR FROM THEM. The quicker they go out of business the better. NEVER EVER RENT FROM THEM FOR YOUR OWN FINANCIAL WELLBEING Add comment

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