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I reserved a rental car online with Advantage Rental in Fort lauderdale FL for the dates of Sept 1- Sept 7. The online information quoted the weekly price, plus the tax and fees, which totaled 105.00.

Once we arrived to the rental counter, the clerk behind the counter told us if we were using a debit card, that he was required to run a credit report. Now, who would give their S.S.N. to a rental car clerk, after that, we were told that a 200.00 deposit would have to be held for a credit card plus we must pay an additional 44.00 charge for gas. Now, the problem with all of this is that none of it was revealed when this reservation was booked.

The clerk behind the counter had no personality, he was there in body alone, such a poor representation for this company. I WOULD NEVER RESERVE A CAR FROM ADVANTAGE & WOULD ADVISE ANYONE TRAVELING TO AVOID THE HEADACHE!!!

The price looked good online,but the truth is there was too many hidden surprises. Eugene & Lisa

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Open your eyes. All rental companies charge a security deposit.

And yes if you pay with a debit card it does run a credit review. If you would have taken the time to actually read the terms and conditions that are provided at your reservation you would have seen all of this before you arrived.

PEOPLE need to start holding them selfs accountable and stop blaming others. YOU ARE TRAVELING SO MAKE SURE YOU CHECK ON EVERYTHING!!!!

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