We made a reservation to rent a mini van to take to California in mid July. We reserved with Advantage because it allowed unlimited mileage for a decent price.

We reserved a mini van because there was going to be 7 people traveling. When we got to Advantage across from Tampa International Airport, we went through the rental process of the customer service rep asking if we wanted insurance, gas, etc. That was fine because I understand that is what rental companies do. So, our total came to $1500, which is what we expected.

The customer service rep charged our debit card, gave us our receipt then gave us the key to the van. We went out the door and gave the key to one of the men anxiously awaiting to get the van for us. He came back within 2 minutes and said the van was not on the lot. We proceeded to go back in the office to let the customer service rep know about the van.

She seemed surprised and made her boss aware of the situation. He looked in the system and stated that there was no van available. We inquired as to why they were able to already charge us for a van that they did not have in the system. He did not give an explanation but said they had other small SUVs available that would only seat 5 people.

We explained that would not work. We reserved the van because we needed the room. They then called another car rental place that was close in proximity to see if they had a minivan available. The other company had a van and agreed to give us the same rental rate.

Advantage drove my husband over and I followed in our own vehicle. We went into the other rental company and they were ready to go ahead with the van rental, until they found out that we needed unlimited mileage. They would not agree to that and would have charged us per mile over 150 a day. We were driving from Florida to California which was unacceptable.

So, we were unable to rent the van. At this point, we had no rental options and we decided we would need to take our vehicle, which we were going to have to put some money into to make sure it could make the long trip. I called Advantage and explained what happened and asked that even though they "voided" the $1500 transaction if they would please call my bank and request for the hold to be taken off the funds, because the hold could take anywhere between 3 to 5 business days to come off the funds. I explained that since they had "screwed" up, they needed to make it right.

The manager got irritated that I told him that he made a mistake and said that since I said he "screwed" up he was not going to help me. I asked for his manager, so he gave me a phone number to call. I left a message for him and thankfully the hold was off by the next morning. Five days into our vacation, I received a phone call from Advantage wanting some information on the van that we rented.

I explained that we never rented the van because they didn't have it. I asked why they were calling and was told they couldn't find the van.

I explained that I did not have it! I would not recommend this company at all!!!!

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