We reserved (4 months in advance) a car from Advantage Rental Car Company in Tampa, FL. Upon our arrival at the Tampa airport we went to the Advantage shuttle pick up area and waited and waited and waited.

We waited for 45 minutes and when we called the shuttle number listed we received no answer. The shuttle finally arrived and picked us up (along with more than 20 other people). Most of us had to stand in the shuttle because of lack of room and also because the entire back seat was soaking wet from the leaky air conditioner above that seat. While we were riding to the off site rental office the driver advised us there were no cars available.

We inquired as to what we were supposed to do if there were no cars. He said he did not know but that there had not been any rental cars available for 3 days now. We figured because we had a reservation made well in advance there would be a car for us but, perhaps, not for those that were just trying to get a last minute rental. Not so!

When we arrived at the rental office (a tiny strip mall store front room) there was one young man working alone. He was, clearly, frustrated and would only let one person into the office at a time. He told everyone that corporate had overbooked and he could no nothing about it. He gave us a card with the local Tampa Advantage Rental Car manager's name and number on it.

When we called there was no answer. We left messages and received no call back. We ended up paying more than double at a different rental car company (who were also short on cars so we had to take whatever they had available).

No apologies were offered by Advantage.

No help with trying to find another rental car company. They, basically, wrote us off and we were on our own trying to find another rental for the week. Every single person on that shuttle was in the same boat and then to find out they had not had cars for 3 days and had not told any of us made us all really angry.

There should be some type of remuneration for everyone's time, trouble, and extra expense because of their incompetence.

Review about: Advantage Rent A Car Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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