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I booked 5-day rental at Denver Airport via Orbitz web site with Advantage Car Rental. I wish I had read the reviews of this company first! BUYER BEWARE!

Orbitz confirmed rate and that I would be charged $117 at time of rental. No problem with that but $317 was charged to my account. Advantage rep at their 800 number indicated that $200 was 'renter deposit' that would be refunded 5 business days after return of my car but that was an estimate.

I arrived at Advantage counter and initialed on an electronic device that I declined 'personal accident insurance' & 4 other items. Then I signed with stylus at bottom and that signature appeared on a "rental record" that was put in an Advantage folder and I left without examining this print out.

When I later looked at the print out what was in my folder, above my signature it says that "You certify that you had the opportunity to read, and agree to, the terms and conditions of the agreement ..." etc. Of course I wasn't signing the actual 'rental agreement' where I would have seen the 'renter deposit' charge and had a chance to dispute that charge or walk away and not rent from them.

By the way, on the reverse side of the 'rental record' agreement 3 quarters of the way down in fine print: "You permit us to 'reserve' or set aside against your payment card at the time of rental a 'reasonable' amount in addition to the estimated total charge."

I felt total blindsided by this additional $200 charge and that I don't feel, except for a kind of dishonesty by omission and non-disclosure, that I AGREED to this additional charge that is gumming up my credit card so to speak. And, I have to 'trust' a less than honest company that this charge will be credited back to my card reliably, assuming I have the car back on time, no damage, etc.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Rental deposit is a standard operating procedure for car rentals which you will encounter with almost any agency. Same thing happens with hotel rooms.

Same thing happens when you rent a home. Deal with it.

Huntington Beach, California, United States #925022

All rental car companies put a hold deposit on your card. There should be now surprise there!

Just don't steal or ruin the car and the hold on the deposit is released and funds are likely available in 2 to three days.... Must have been your first time!

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