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I had perhaps my worst experience ever in dealing with a counter person while I was trying to obtain a rental car that I had pre paid for. I was at the Albuquerque Airport and I was well greeted at the Advantage car rental desk by the only counter person, Tyler Field.

I provided my DL and credit card and as we were talking, Tyler indicated that my reservation was for 62 days (Mar 7 - May 9). I told him that I only needed it for 2 days (Mar 7 - 9) and it had already been paid for - for 2 days - I had the receipt. What transpired next was perplexing and...well, just rediculous. After some convincing and coaxing, Tyler was able to change what he was looking at (62 days) to the 2 days I had already paid for...but, he told me that would cost me an additional $172.

I had reached my limit with Tyler and told him I wanted to speak with a manager or someone who could actually help me to fix what was clearly a problem on their end. He frankly told me that he was the manager and there was nobody else I could speak with. At this point, Tyler was very smug and mocking. I demanded to speak to someone, anyone other than Tyler.

Tyler gave me a number to the very desk he was sitting at (mocking?). He also told me he did not like the way I was speaking to him and abruptly told me I was going to have to leave. Leave? And go where?

What about my car (that I paid for)? While I was trying to reach customer service on the phone, he informed

me that he was going to call the airport police if I did not leave. I told him to do that, I wanted to get to the bottom of this and clearly Tyler didn’t have the capacity or training to de-escalate the situation and problem solve. To the contrary, he escalated the situation at every possible opportunity and clearly began to mock me with his body language, exasperated exhales, and passive aggressive responses.

While I was on my phone with Customer Service, the police arrived, so I stopped that conversation to speak with them. The police were good, just doing their job, but I had to listen to Tyler spin a tale of how I was cussing at him. I may have been a frustrated, jerk customer (for good reason) but cussing did not happen. At that point I was so frustrated and tired that I asked the Police for a ride to my hotel and we left the rental building.

So here I am, in Albuquerque, without a rental car to get me to/from my appointments — a rental car that I previously paid for. I want to know what Advantage is going to do about that, but more importantly, what Advantage is going to do about a very poorly trained, arrogant, and just not smart at all employee that they put alone at a desk to represent their company and provide customer service. Tyler Field is the worst Customer Service person anyone could have to encounter. But really, he’s just doing what he thinks he knows how to do — Advantage is responsible for what their employees do or fail to do, training them to be able to problem solve, and teaching them

the very basics of customer service.

In this case, Advantage has completely failed — Tyler was utterly lacking in every regard. Until I hear from them, explaining to me what they intend to do to right my wrong experience, I will not give them my business, and I will make every effort to be sure nobody I know or am acquainted with does so.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advantage Rent A Car Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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