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I reserved a car at Advantage through Orbitz for a one-way rental from Phoenix, dropping in Las Vegas 24 hours later. After I was dropped off at Phoenix airport to pick up the car, the Advantage employee demanded proof of my insurance coverages.

Not proof of insurance, which I had, but an actual paper copy of my insurance policy coverages page! Who walks around with THAT? He said this was required because I hold an Arizona driver's license. He dishonored my reservation, cancelled it, and left me stranded at the airport.

There was no prior notification of this "requirement". His only helpful hint was directing me to another rental company by name, saying they had one way rentals at comparable prices. I went to that company, where its agent immediately informed me that they never do one-way rentals. So the Advantage agent refused my reservation, gave me patently incorrect information, and left me stranded at the airport.

I am a 60 year old retiree, with excellent credit and driving record, and presented a valid driver's license and a gold AMEX card. When I returned to complain, the Advantage people were doing the same thing to a young family of four, telling the woman her proof of insurance was inadequate.

Horrible company.

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