I had a reservation for 10am. My flight got in at 10:10.

Walked to their counter waited 15 minutes in line and when I got to the counter the girl told me they had no cars available for 20 minutes. I told them I had a reservation and she told me that I was late! First time I have ever rented a car and put down an approximate time for a flight arrival giving them the flight number and they told me that's why they didn't have my mid size car. Wow what an excuse.

Waited 30 minutes still no car even though I asked for a bigger or smaller car. 10 minutes later they offered me a mini van. I said no, they said too bad.

The real story is that they ran a very low price like $8 a day on carrental.com and did not have enough cars. They even walked a couple of customers down to Hertz to see if they could help.

Hertz sold them a couple of years ago....wonder why? They had attitude, they had no cars after waiting an hour. I strongly urge people not to ever rent from this company. Pay more and have piece of mind.

They will be sold again. They really should not be in the car rental business or should I say hospitality industry because they are far from hospitable.

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We rented from Advantage twice while on vacation in Florida and had no problems. $200 for 14 days and unlimited miles for a mid size car.

That is cheaper than a car payment.

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #720796

Only 15 minutes waiting in line at advantage is record breaking fast for them . In Denver I was the first person in line.

3 agents working with people,it took 40 minutes for me to make it to the counter.

And then all the up selling attempts started. Now 2 weeks after returning the car I had to call my cc company to dispute the hold they put on the card while still billing me for the rental.

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